Deliberations at the Superiors Animation ProgramDate : 25-07-2017

Deliberations at the Superiors Animation Program

My Dear Fathers,
Warm and prayerful greetings from Provincial House, Bhopal.
The Superior’s animation programe was held at Yesu Ashram on 27-29 July 2017.
Rev.Fr. Sebastian Thekkedathu, the General Councilor for Education facilitated the
meeting. It was a time of God’s blessing. During the two days get together there
were presentations, discussions and sharing. I personally would like to thank all
the Superiors for their active presence, understanding and for the sense of
community. I also thank our Principals who joined us on the last day for
deliberations with regard to schools. I take this opportunity to thank each one of
you for your brotherly understanding and willingness to grow together. May the
Spirit of our Founder, St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara bind us together in love and
brotherly concern.
Following are some of the deliberations which we hope will help us to grow
together as members of the CMI community of St. Paul Province and will help
each one of us to realize our vocation.

1. It is decided that the email communication would be accepted as the official
communication of the Province. Each house and institution shall have an email id
which shall belong to the superiors/institution head and shall be transferred to
the new superior/institution head. The user id and pass word shall be also part of
the official handing over document. The superiors are expected to take out a print
of all the official information and display the same on the notice board.
2. It is encouraged that all the members shall have a smart phone with internet
facility. It is encouraged to open a ‘whatsapp’ account for quick and urgent
communication with the members. It is decided that the official information shall

be communicated individually and not in the group. The superiors are requested
to help the members who do not have a smart phone to purchase a budget smart
phone. One time assistance is only for those members who do not possess a
smart phone. However this is optional.
3. It is decided that all the bills and vouchers of the units/institutions of the
Society shall be countersigned by the Manager/director on a regular basis. It is to
comply with the audit requirements and financial responsibility. It is also
necessary to make sure to tally the cash balance on a daily basis. It is to avoid
negative balance on any account and proper budgetary control over the
expenditure of the unit.
4. It is decided that all the houses try to open a bank account in the name of the
Manager/director with ATM and net banking, which may be used for all the
sundry transactions like bill payment, ticket booking etc. through cashless mode.
The account shall be part of the Society accounts to which the unit belongs. The
PAN number of the society shall be used for this account. However it is to be
noted that the main account shall continue to be joint account and it shall be
used for all the major payments and receipts. All are cautioned not to use the
individual bank accounts for paying common expenses. Individuals are subjected
to income tax.
5. It is decided that monthly finance statement shall be prepared by 15 th of next
month and quarterly financial statement shall be presented to the Finance
department after presenting the same at the local community. Taking into
consideration the frequent scrutiny by the tax department all are requested to
keep the accounts ready all the time with proper bills and vouchers so that it can
be presented when they are requested.
6. It is decided that the Department of Finance will arrange for a common EPF, ESI
and Gratuity account for all the workers in the units of the Societies/Trusts except
schools. The modality has to be worked out later.
7. Since the Province is functioning through Registered Societies/Trusts all are
reminded that all the official requests and letters with regard to the Institutions
are to be addressed to the President of the concerned Societies and signed by the
Manager/Director. Since permissions in terms of resolutions are to be sanctioned
under the concerned societies the requests also should reflect that fact. Please

make sure that the requests are on paper and signed and sealed by the concerned
8. All are encouraged to go for short term updating and exposure programs. The
Superiors take positive interest to arrange for such courses for the members. Part
of the holidays may be used for such programs including spending few days in
other houses with different apostolate. The Principles are encouraged to spend at
least one week at rural social work centers in order to inculcate a sense of
inclusiveness which can be reflected in the school administration. It is requested
that the Superiors arrange the holidays/updating program of the members in such
a way that at least one of the members is at home all the time especially during
the summer holidays.
9. It is decided that all the members should spend a minimum of two days in a
year (in addition to all the common programs) in personal prayer at a common
designated place. It will be arranged by the Dept. of Evangelization as chain
10. It is suggested that all the houses should positively engage themselves in the
apostolate of Evangelization in the given situation. Fr.Paulson Muthipeedika, the
Vicar Provincial would be visiting all the communities to help the members to
identify and finalize a concrete plan.
11. It is suggested that all the Schools may be linked with the existing boarding
houses and institutions especially those who are engaged in rural education and
support them in all possible ways.
12. All our institutions should implement the Child Protection Policy adopted by
the Province both in letter and spirit.
13. It is proposed to start a day care centre for mentally disabled children at
Ashakiran, Bamhodi.
14. It is proposed that further infrastructure for all our existing schools shall be
raised through bank loans.
15. The strategic plan of the schools should take into consideration the optimum
number of students; paying capacity of the parents, need/demand of the parents
etc. We shall also involve the parents and management committee in the process

of expansion of the school. It is directed that all the schools shall take care to
reduce the land area submitted for the school purpose, to the minimum
necessary as per requirement at the time renewal of affiliation.
16. All our schools should go for psychological tests at regular intervals to
measure the intelligence, aptitude and interest levels of the students which can
be shared with the parents for the purpose of screening, career guidance and
higher studies.
17. The department of Education shall initiate a program called PACE [Pauline
Academy for Competitive Examination] for preparing the youth to participate in
the competitive examinations. The schools will try to introduce alternative
methods for coaching like Byju’s App.
18. It is directed that all the Superiors/Managers/Directors shall take care with
regard to all the decisions which have consequences for a longer period and have
implications to the welfare of the society especially with regard to property &
undertakings and inform the same to the concerned authorities and get required
19. A common calendar for the events of the Province is prepared. The important
events of the houses shall be part of the common calendar.
Thanking you,
With lots of love and prayers,


Justin Akkara CMI Bhopal