Briefing By Formation Coordinator
  1. Briefing by Formation Coordinator

An ordinary meeting of the formators was held in Provincial House on 9th September 2016. Started with half hour adoration. Fr Provincial thanked Fr Paulson Thaliath for his selfless and systematic service rendered as Formation Coordinator of our Province and announced that Fr Shepherd is appointed as the new Formation Coordinator.

Then all the three Rectors –Fr Saju Kollannur, Fr Thomas Kollerettumattathil and Fr Rony Kezakkekara shared about the life of the brothers, their character formation, studies, extracurricular activities, draw backs of their respective formation houses.

Then Fr Paulson shared that the Rectors must cultivate the ability to understand the brothers entrusted to their care and guide them properly. Our focus should be genuine vocations for the province. Forster community building program to enhance the sense of belongingness. Our Province is good in passing the files of the students to the nest stage.

Fr Provincial asked the Rectors to specify two good things and two drawbacks in each community (Read from the Report)

Then the team for the evaluation of the students decided (Read from the report)

Lastly Fr Provincial reminded the gathering some of the areas where the Rectors should give more attention and some future program with regard to formation (Read from the report)

  1. The Why of Fr Lijo Aduyundhan is not attending the meeting

Decision came very late; the whole administrative team is changing; he is coming for the Annual Meet again in May 2017 busy with vocation promotion

  1. Preparation for the intensive postulancy  -preparation of our brothers going to Novitiate at Budhini

Talked to Fr Jain Thanickal Formation Coordinator in Devamata Province and he told me that it will be conducted by the end of May till 15th of June 2017 in Snehagiri Valiyaparambu, there are seven brothers and he is glad to conduct it jointly; waiting for the New Provincial to get the final Approval; We need one father to look after them from our side and to bring them to Bhopal on 22nd June 2017

  1. Vocation Promotion Fr Lijo Sends a draft copy of the brochure for our study and approval; Vocation camps 21st April to 26th April 2017 and 21st May to 26th May 2017 and selection of students on 24th May 2017. Next year there will be 10 to 12 candidates for the first year Aspirants in Carmel Ashram
  2. Suggestion for Formation Personnel – Rev Fathers Nithin, Fr Johnson Vadakumcherry,
  3. Benefactors for our Scholastics: 10 brothers were selected – eight from Carmel Nikethan Jabalpur and two regents –Bro. Paul M and Melvin Rodriguez from Carmel Ashram Sagar.
  4. Annual Scholastic Meet will be held on 1st May 2017. Brothers are supposed to reach on 30th April 2017 and 1st May 2017 there will meeting with Fr Provincial and Councillors and brothers will share their experiences.

Special program for this year for brothers: Two brothers are going to Matradham in Varanasi to study about Kristubhaktas and for prayer experiences

Two brothers are going to Jeevodhaya for Railway children rehabilitation program in Ittarsi and will stay with the boys under the guidance of Rev Sr Clare St Joseph of Chambery

Four brothers will form a Band for Music to be performed in our schools during the Month of April under the leadership of Navchetna

Lijo Baby goes to Amala Medical college Hospital for Internship program as part of his studies

Jerin Kolankanny is going to Bijnor for village exposure program from Dharmaram

First year philosophy brother will not come here for annual meeting.

Deacons will go after Easter to their respective parishes for Deacon Ministry.

Jabalpur brothers have exam from 29th April 2017 and after that they will join the vacation program 

I have visited Carmel Ashram twice, Carmel Nikethan Jabalpur, Darsana Wardha once after taking charge as formation coordinator and met brothers as well as their Masters/Rectors personally inquired about their formation and life in respective formation houses and gave suggestions.