Saccidananda Ashram, Narsihgpur

Saccidananda Ashram, NarsinghpurSaccidandanda Ashram is a venture of sharing human and spiritual values, enshrined in the gospel of Jesus with the people of diverse traditions and cultures to explore new avenues in dialogue worship theology and spirituality; and building basic human community. There values of parenthood of God, sisterhood and brotherhood of all human beings are shared. The idea of this ashram first originated in the church after II Vatican Council. Bp. Leobard D’souza and the missionary council of Jabalpur diocese welcomed this movement. Fr Zacharias M (diocesan) volunteered to work with Fr. Premanand and they started the ashram in April 1971. Fr. Premanand left this place in 1985 for a life of sadhu.
In 1986 ashram was entrusted to the sanyasis of this ashram. Due to his untimely demise in 1990 the ashram was orphaned again. The then Bp. Thophin Opream approached CMI congregation and consequently St. Paul province, Sagar took over the task of management of this ashram in 1991. The edifying presence and ministry of Rev. Fr. Swami Sadanand CMI is remarkable in the subsequent history of ashram. Swami Sadanandaji gave a new spiritual and social appeal to this ashram by his simplicity and charismatic life style. The public always respected swami Sandanand for his unselfish and generous activities for prisoners and for the under privileged. Now a new face of spirituality is being unfolded under the guidance of new Acharya Fr. Anto Mundanmany.

Yesu Ashram, Padaria

Yesu Ashram, PadariaYesu Ashram, a long awaited brain child of Fr Paul Pattathu had its foundation stone bless by His Grace Paschal Topno Archbishop of Bhopal on 5th Feb. 2005, the birth bi-centenary year of our founder st. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Fr. Louise Malieckal, provincial laid the foundation stone in the presence of many priests religious and other invitees. Yesu Ashram is the first catholic ashram at Bhopal with an Indian approach. It aims at filling the vacuum of a spiritual renewal centre for priests and religious and for the people of all walks of life in all religions, in and around Bhopal and beyond territorial limits. Yesu Asram would be an abode of quiet prayer deep reflections, and harmony with the divine and the human. On 9th July, 2006 His Grace Most Rev. Paschal Topno, the Archbishop of Bhopal blessed and inaugurated this prayer house in the presence of Fr. Provincial and a small community of Rev. Sisters, Fathers and brothers.

Shantigiri Ashram, Bamodi

Shanti Ashram, BamodiIt was a long cherished dream of the Archdiocese of Nagpur, to have a Christian Ashram, for inter religious dialogue. Fr. Sadaand swamiji, after leaving Narsingpur, came over to Parasia CMI mission and was searching for a suitable large piece of land for ashram by either the side of a river or a hill. The one and half years search stopped at the foot of Shantigiri hill in Bamodi scarcely a Kilometer distant from our church at Bhatkuhi. The land owner Mr. Ravi was very much impressed by swamiji’s bhakti and tapas that he sold his land of 16 acres, at a very cheap rate and also donated an extra one acre plot with 12-room village house. Fr. Sadanand moved to this house on the eve of Palm Sunday, 2008. The ashram has become a centre for prayer, meditation and yoga and full time Ayurvedic treatment to heal the patients ailing from many diseases. The ashram is also whole heartedly involved in dialogue and in the pastoral activities of the parish.