Formation Centres
Carmel Ashram, Sagar

Carmel Ashram, SagarMrs. Rebecca Diego an old and pious lady of Sagar donated an old house and a plot of land to the CMI missionaries of Sagar Exarchate for starting a religious house in 1971. Staying of our two priests Frs. Diego and John Kallan marked the very humble and providential beginning of Carmel Ashram. The main part of the present ashram was built in 1974 for the purpose of community life experience of CMI missionaries. It was blessed on November 21, 1974 by the late Bishop Clemens. By the establishment of St. Paul region in 1977, Carmel Ashram became its head quarters. Later, the aspirants house was attached to it. Thus the building was further extended as it appears today. In 1987, a small but beautiful chapel was added to it. When the region was raised to a vice province, Carmel Ashram became its provincial house. At present it serves as the aspirants house for our brothers.

CMI Bhavan, Padaria

CMI Bhavan, PadariaCMI Bhavan, Padaria 18km away from the Bhopal railway station by the Raisen Road was established in1997 for the purpose of provincial house. The long distance from the city, non availability of power and telecommunication facilities forced the provincial administration to shift to Govind Garden in the city of Bhoal in the year 2002. At present this house render as the aspirants house who are going for their plus two studies.







Carmel Niketan, Jabalpur

 Carmel Niketan, Jabalpur has again woke up with therector Fr. Domnic Nadunilath, along with the college going students, Bro. Albin and Shinto, who will be doing their BCom. from the Aloysius College, Jabalpur. All the best to the Carmel Niketan Community.