Social Work Centres
Aanchal, Tara Sivania,Bhopal

It is a long cherished dream of Fr. Anil Pazhoopillil along with Fr. John Shibu Pallippatt to start a home for the homeless children. They found a plot of land in Tara Sivania and the house is ready to accomodate the children. They have already began their mission in visiting the orphanages and the juvenile homes and giving counselling, conducting value based classes, and teaching morals through entertainments.Their committed and selfless service is appreciated by many far and wide.

Agragami, SurlakhapaAgragami Catholic Ashram, Surlakhapa

After signing a contract between the diocese Nagpur and CMI St. Paul province, Bhopal, On 30th March 2006 the properties and assets of Surlakhapa Mission Station were entrusted to the province through an official process of exchanging the inventory and declaration of the takeover of the station held under the leadership of a deputed authority from the diocese. The province took immediate steps to repair it and upgrade the existing infrastructures and the surroundings. On Dec. 12, 2006, boarding for girl children hailing from distant village was inaugurated in one of the buildings with major repair and added facilities. The secular congregation of Don Bosco Sisters was retained in the station for collaboration and expansion of various activities in the station. The boarding house was entrusted to the sisters with additional task of preliminary work in organising the village communities in the nearby five rural villages.

Guru Nivas,TadaGurunivas, Tada

In order to give thrust to village work and rural development, four acres of land was purchased in 1987, at Tada, a village 70kms. from Sagar. A cottage was built there for this purpose. The centre aims at the formation of basic human communities by integrating prayer and action. At present this centre offers a Diploma course in Computer Science for the village youth and organises dialogue and inter-religious prayer sessions.

Pushpa Ashram, SilwaniPushpa Ashram, Silwani

Rural development service society RDSS, came into existence as a result of a resolution taken and signed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Clemens P Thottungal CMI the then Bishop of Sagar and Mr. CM antonty then president of KESS on 19th March 1979. It was registered as a charitable organiseation on February 11, 1980. From the above joint enture the personnel (fathers) have regularly been provided to RDSS by St. Paul Region and later St. Paul Province, Sagar.

Pradeep Bhavan, PratapgrahPradeep Bhavan, Pratapgargh

This is a centre of RDSS at Pradapgarh around 23 KM from Silwani. The NGOs and the like are working out their best to develop this area through the best possible ways. They implement the government projects and packages for the development of the villagers and the area. Many watershed projects, irrigation projects, etc are already implemented in this area.